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Hustler HXLO

Hustler HXLO

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The Hustler HXLO Selson air jack are suited to use with passenger and light commercial vehicles.
The roll-around Hustler models, with long reach handles are best suited to auto service bays and workshops.
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Easy-Care Long Life

Very few moving parts mean maintenance costs associated with Selson air jacks are kept to an
absolute minimum. The air springs are made of a 2-ply neoprene rubber, that is oil and ozone resistant
and will not easily perish or crack. Selson air jacks will not leak, deflate or become unstable. A Selson
air jack with its long and trouble-free service life is an investment in speed, safety and economy that
can reduce your jack replacement and repair costs.

Fast and Friendly

Two push button valves make Selson air jacks quick and easy to operate. Press green to raise and press red to lower. Their speed of operation over conventional jacks will significantly reduce the time required to lift a vehicle. And because they are light weight relative to their capacity, they are portable

Hustler HXLO

Lift Capacity

2500 kg 

Minimum Height

155 mm

Maximum Height

465 mm


1500 mm


255 mm

Working Pressure

690 kPa , 100 psi

Shipping Weight 

19 Kg

  • Warranty

    Selson Offers a 12-Month Warranty on our Air Jacks and Torque Multipliers, To ensure your product meets

  • Built to last 

    Selson Air Jacks, torque multipliers and acessories are made to last.