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Hustler H9-5XLO

Hustler H9-5XLO

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The Hustler H9-5XLO air jacks are made for use with trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles. Various headcap extensions and accessories are available for use on a range of chassis and lift locations.
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Designed for Stability

Inside the Selson air jack there is a unique internal telescopic stabilising column. This column provides stability to the jack during elevation but still allows some lateral movement, which enables the head cap of the jack to follow the arc of the vehicle being elevated. This feature combined with a wide base gives maximum stability on hard or soft surfaces.

For cars, buses and trucks

With varying lift capacities and different heights, there is a Selson model to suit most applications. The hand held models that are easily stored and port able are ideal for use on alignment and frame racks and in road service vehicles. The roll-around Hustler models, with long reach handles are best suited to service bays and workshops.

Hustler H9-5XLO Dimensions

Lift Capacity

7000 kg 

Minimum Height

190 mm

Maximum Height

370 mm


2180 mm


430 mm

Working Pressure

690 kPa , 100 psi

Shipping Weight 

58 Kg

  • Warranty

    Selson Offers a 12-Month Warranty on our Air Jacks and Torque Multipliers, To ensure your product meets

  • Built to last 

    Selson Air Jacks, torque multipliers and acessories are made to last.